Our links page contains an extensive list of industry links including: General Sites of Interest

Wapiti Net contains information and links to elk resources on the Internet.

Deerfarmer.com provides information and resources including a library, free classified ads, a discussion forum and a free monthly newsletter.

British Deer Society - a registered charity that provides a meeting place for those interested in deer conservation and biology.

RancherNet provides useful information and contacts about elk as well as other diversified livestock.

Venison Forum has a collection of cooking tips, recipes, breeders and other relevant information.

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Deer Farming Resources

DeerConnection.com - deer Breeding Directory.

Deerfarms.com - a comprehensive listing of elk and deer farms.

Deer and Elk Procedures Manual - Alberta Agriculture

White-tailed Deer Financial & Production Information - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Deer and Elk, Alternative Livestock in Ontario - Ontario Agriculture

American Veterinary Medical Association

Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Deer - this is for the province of Ontario

Whitetail Institute of North America, Inc. has some useful information on forage for deer.

U.S. Dept of Agriculture (USDA) has compiled a comprehensive list of state regulations (and contacts) regarding the interstate movement of animals.

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

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Alberta Elk Commission
British Deer Farmers Association
Colorado Elk and Game Breeders Association
Deer Industry Association of Australia
Federation of European Deer Farmers Association
Idaho Venison Council
Illinois Elk Producers Association
Iowa Whitetail Deer Association
Kansas Elk Breeders Association
Kentucky Alternative Livestock Assoc. Inc.
Manitoba Elk Growers Association
Michigan Elk Breeders Association
Minnesota Elk Breeders Association
Missouri Elk Farmers Association
Nebraska Elk Breeders Association
North American Deer Farmers Association
North American Elk Breeders Association
North Dakota Elk Growers Association
North East Deer and Elk Farmers Association
Northern New England Deer Farmers Association
Ontario Deer and Elk Farmers Association
Ontario Elk Breeders Association
Saskatchewan Elk Breeders Association
Saskatchewan Whitetail and Mule Deer Producers Association
South Dakota Elk Breeders Association
Southern Elk Breeders Association
Texas Deer Association
Whitetails of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Commercial Deer and Elk Farmers' Association

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Products & Services

Pneu-Dart tranquilizer guns
Hunting & Fishing Gear Review
Qeva Brand Elk Velvet Products
Wildlife Genetics International
Wildlife Ranch Supply

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Magazines & Books

Deer Farmer's Digest

Deer Tracking Magazine - Canada's deer farming industry newsletter online and a site on showcasing the industry's big bucks.

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Deer Farms

Alberta Farms

Saskatchewan Farms

None at this time

Ontario Farms

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Outdoor Organizations

Boone & Crockett - Conservation, research, education and demonstration.

Pope & Young - Dedicated To The Protection Of Our Bowhunting Heritage And North America's Wildlife.

Safari Club International - working for conservation of wildlife, education and protection of the right to hunt.

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General Agricultural Sites & Directories

Agri-ville is an Alberta-based agricultural Web site that has articles by specialists, marketing and production discussion groups, chat, on-line courses and much more.

AgInfoNet is a non-profit corporation with a mandate to encourage the adoption of information technology to improve the competitiveness of western Canadian prairie agriculture. AgriCarta is an information resource directory within AgInfoNet where producers can access reliable, pertinent and timely information on all aspects of agriculture.

AgriWeb Canada - Linked Sites is a very extensive list of links by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to agricultural and agri-business sites in Canada.

Canadian Farm Business Management Council is supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and had a mandate to develop, adapt and share leading edge farm business management information for the Canadian agriculture industry.

Ropin' the Web is Alberta Agriculture's very comprehensive and detailed Web site that contains thousands of pages of information and resources.

Saskatchewan Agriculture's Web site provides information about the Department, programs, services and agricultural information and resources of interest to prairie farmers.

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